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Managing and growing your short-term rental property
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  • Whether your property is eligible as a short-term rental (based on City regulations)
  • Revenue projection for your property 
  • Checklist of furnishings and property technology recommended to meet guest needs and maximize revenue
  • Proposal and cost for Tesseract to fully furnish and prepare your property as a short-term rental

Earn more and delight your guests

We provide stress-free, comprehensive property management for short-term rentals

We have dedicated operations and onboarding manager for your account. We attend to issues/needs at our properties with immediate, 24/7 response. We provide in-house cleaning, maintenance, and consumable goods. Transparent and competitive fees with no hidden costs. 

Listing Management and Dynamic Pricing

Reservation and Financial Management

Cleaning and Linen Service

Marketing and Distribution

Property Automation Technology

Property Surveillance 

24/7 Guest Communication

Rental Basic Maintenance

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